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Paphos International Airport is the second busiest airport by passenger traffic in Cyprus. It is managed by the company Hermes Airports Ltd, the same company that controls Larnaca International Airport, the busiest in Cyprus. Together, these two airports handle around seven million passengers per annum, of which almost two million pass through Paphos International. The airport of Paphos is recognised by its IATA code of PFO, and is located along the south-western coastline of the country, nearby to the city center of Paphos. Passengers in their own vehicles have access to a parking area at the airport, which has 800 spaces available. The Paphos International Airport parking grounds are also considered as reasonably safe and secure.

This airport in Cyprus is located approximately 6.5km, or 4 miles southeast of the city of Paphos, and is particularly nearby to Timi, Nilokleia, Mandria and Acheleia. It is accessed by way of the B6 motorway from Paphos city, or by the A6, and the drive to the airport should take no longer than about fifteen to twenty minutes. However, the roads leading to the airport can be heavily congested, and passengers are therefore advised to leave in good time for their flight. A few minutes will also be required to find a suitable parking space. Future plans for the airport include a new four-lane road that will provide easier access. Passengers travelling from Limassol can also use the B6 or A6 motorways.

Paphos Airport was recently renovated, and its single terminal building is now a very modern and efficient establishment capable of handling up to 2.7 million passengers per annum. It has a section for arriving passengers and a section for departing passengers, and is equipped with all facilities that can be expected at an airport. A couple of shops and restaurants can be enjoyed whilst waiting for a flight, and there is also a duty-free store. WiFi connections are available, as well as a baby room, a bank, first aid services and a tourist help desk. The airport is also designed for easy mobility of persons in wheelchairs. There are 28 check-in desks, seven airline gates and three luggage carousels within the terminal.

Paphos Airport Parking
The parking area of the airport is located within walking distance of the terminal building, and therefore passengers will not require any further form of transport once their vehicle is parked. Simply offload luggage items and proceed to the check-in area of the passenger building. Always lock your vehicle and remove any personal items of value. The parking area is used for short-term and long-term stays, and is priced as follows: 0–20 minutes – €1.00, 21–40 minutes – €2.50, 41–60 minutes – €3.50, one to two hours – €4.50, two to four hours – €6.00 and four to six hours – €6.50. Parking of between six and twelve hours will cost €8.00 and a day of parking (twelve to twenty-four hours) will cost €10.00. The next four days or part thereof will have a charge of €7.00 each, but after the fifth day of parking, twenty-four hours will cost only €5.00. The fee structure of the parking lot is therefore suitable for short or lengthier time periods.

Upon entry to the car park, motorists will receive a ticket that should be kept somewhere safe, but preferably not inside the vehicle. This ticket will be used to pay for the time the vehicle is parked, and will be required to leave the parking area. Automated ticket machines are found nearby the arrival area for payments. If the parking ticket is lost there will be a charge of €50.00, and the vehicle release charge will amount to €85.00.

Motorists who would prefer not to park in the airport's parking lot can simply drop off their passengers in front of the terminal building. The vehicle may stop for a minute or two whilst passengers exit the vehicle and collect their luggage items, and then should move on, otherwise the roadway could become too congested. For safety reasons, vehicles may not be left unattended outside the terminal building. The driver should also stay behind the wheel of the vehicle. Arriving passengers can be collected from outside the terminal as well, provided that they are ready and waiting at curb-side, as motorists may not park and wait for a flight to arrive.

Outside the terminal as well, and alongside the roadway, there is one parking space that may be used to offload passengers with mobility challenges. This space may also only be used for a few minutes. It is therefore a "drop-off" only space. It is clearly marked with a "disabilities standard wheelchair sign" in blue paint on the road surface. Passengers can then announce their arrival to the PRM Service Provider by pressing the "Assistance Button" on the intercom/calling device which is found on the curb in front of the terminal. The passenger will be greeted by a member of staff who will bring a wheelchair, and will be helped to the "Assistance Desk" from where boarding procedures can begin.

Persons who are holders of a "Blue Parking Card" may use one of the twenty dedicated spaces in the airport's parking lot. These spaces are clearly marked and nearby to the Parking Pay Station in front of the terminal building. The parking spaces are wider than usual, to allow for the movement of a wheelchair. Passengers will need to display their blue card on the dashboard of the vehicle. The first 120 minutes of parking is free, but thereafter, charges will be applicable.

Departing passengers can find out more information relating to Paphos International Airport parking at 77 77 88 33, if calling from an area in Cyprus, or from +357 26 007100 if from an international location.

Car Parks at Paphos Airport

Name Address Opening Hours On Airport Grounds
Megalis kai Mikris Darkeias Akalyptos Choros 8503 Acheleia, Cyprus Mon-Sun: 00:00 - 24:00
Pafos-Choros Stathmefsis Makras Diarkeias 8503 Acheleia, Cyprus -
Pafos-Choros Stathmefsis Mikris Diarkeias 8503 Acheleia, Cyprus -
Park 'n Fly 8507 Timi, Cyprus Mon-Sun: 00:00 - 24:00
Pafos-Choros Stathmefsis Makras Diarkeias Acheleia, Cyprus -
Choros Stathmefsis 8504 Mandria, Cyprus -
Auto Air Park B6, 8507 Timi, Cyprus Mon-Sun: 00:00 - 24:00
Park & Depart Economic Airport Parking B6, 8507 Timi, Cyprus Mon-Sun: 00:00 - 24:00
Park and Go Odos Michail Adamidi, 8507 Timi, Cyprus -
Park 'n Fly E603, 8507 Timi, Cyprus Mon-Sun: 00:00 - 24:00
Pafos Stop & Fly E603, 8507 Timi, Cyprus Mon-Sun: 00:00 - 24:00
Paphos Airport Parking S&F 8507 Timi, Cyprus Mon-Sun: 00:00 - 24:00
Park4less - Airport Parking Michalis Adamidis, 8507 Timi, Cyprus -

Map of Car Parks at Paphos Airport


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